About SSS TMAS

The School's primary objective is to convey the state of the art in modern surface science and demonstrate theoretical and experimental ability to study single atoms or molecules adsorbed on solid state surfaces. Previous Schools were successfully held in Veliky Novgorod (2011) and Khosta (2012 and 2013). Fourth School will also demonstrate multiple roles of a scanning probe microscope operating at cryogenic temperatures and in ultrahigh vacuum, the main experimental tool at the atomic scale. It can be used not only as an extremely high resolution microscope but also as a multipurpose spectrometer to study the electronic, vibrational and spin states of a designated object with atomic resolution.

All School's lecturers, both Russian and International, are leading figures in their respective parts of surface science. Lecture topics center around surface magnetism, model catalysis, surface phase transitions, quantum informatics, superconductive and strongly correlated systems, and low dimensional systems including carbon nanomaterials.

The School is organized as a 7-day workshop in which lectures alternate with participants' own presentations. SSS TMAS 2015 will have about 65 - 80 participants, of which approximately 15 - 20 will be the lectors. The official language of SSS TMAS 2015 will be English.